Homes for Sale in Lake Havasu With Pool Access

Lake Havasu City, AZ features an array of houses with varying amenities, including homes for sale in Lake Havasu with pool access. While water is never far from Lake Havasu residents, having a personal pool comes with its own benefits. Below, you’ll find four reasons to check out Lake Havasu homes with their own pools.

»Why are people moving to Lake Havasu?

Since 2000, Lake Havasu City has grown 37.4%, making it one of the quickest-growing cities in a category of areas with the same size. There’s a good reason for this growth, as purchasing your dream home in the area comes with its perks. Some benefits of living in the area include a low crime rate, beautiful warm weather year-round, many activities, and exciting attractions for all ages. This family-friendly city has become a popular spot for professionals, families, and retirees because of the perks mentioned.

Top Reasons for Looking at Homes for Sale in Lake Havasu with a Pool

Continue reading to learn more about why you may want to purchase homes for sale in Lake Havasu (with pool access).

290 Sunny Days Per Year
On average, Lake Havasu has around 290 days of sunshine each year. Because of the pleasant weather, many residents move to the area so they can participate in outdoor activities for as much of the year as possible. With the beautiful weather and sunny days each year, having a pool is a great way to cool off on hotter summer days without coordinating getting everyone to the beach.

Avoid More Crowded Areas (the beaches)
Lake Havasu beaches are a popular spot in the city, which can get crowded. Especially when it is a big weekend. While there are some more private spots, such as coves and smaller beach areas, you may still need to share the space with other couples and families. Instead of gambling on whether the beach is crowded that day, you can enjoy the tranquility of the water without leaving your home.

Pool Use Year Round
With the beautiful, sunny days that happen most of the year in Lake Havasu, you won’t need to close your pool for the winter. If you have a heated pool, you can even use it on chillier days without issue. On average, it costs about $250-$400 to close and winterize the pool each year, plus additional costs to reopen and clean it before use. You can skip that step while in Lake Havasu since the temperatures do not typically dip below freezing.

Only Drain the Pool Once Every 2 Years
Luckily, you do not need to drain your pool yearly while in Lake Havasu, so you can save money on refilling the pool. Instead, you can maintain a pool by draining and refilling it every two years (sometimes, you can even wait an additional year, depending on the TDS level).

Refilling your pool requires a minimal water cost of about $35-$45 (depending on your pool size). Reporting your water meter level before and after refilling your pool allows the city to adjust the sewer rate to save you money on your monthly bill.

Features to Look for in Lake Havasu Homes with Pool Access

Customized Designs
From infinity pools to those with integrated hot tubs, Lake Havasu properties offer a range of innovative and luxurious pool designs. Look for homes that complement the surrounding desert landscape, making the pool appear as a natural extension of the home.

Safety Measures
If you have young children or pets, consider homes that incorporate pool safety features, such as fencing or alarm systems.

Energy Efficiency
Given that Lake Havasu experiences extended periods of sunshine, many homeowners are now opting for solar-heated pools. These eco-friendly options not only save on energy costs but also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Easy Maintenance
Consider homes with pools that have self-cleaning systems or those using saltwater. These require less maintenance and ensure that your pool remains in pristine condition with minimal effort.

Embrace the Lake Havasu Lifestyle

By choosing a home in Lake Havasu with pool access, you are not just investing in a property but embracing a way of life. Here, every day feels like a vacation. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, enjoying watersports in the lake, or simply admiring the stunning desert sunsets, Lake Havasu promises a life of leisure, luxury, and lasting memories.

For those contemplating making this city their home, now is an opportune time. The range of homes for sale in Lake Havasu with pool access offers something for every budget and preference. From lavish estates to cozy family homes, the market is ripe with opportunities for discerning buyers.

In conclusion, Lake Havasu is more than a picturesque location; it’s a thriving community where luxury meets tranquility. And in this oasis, homes with pool access are the epitome of the Lake Havasu lifestyle, promising comfort, convenience, and a touch of class.



frequently asked questions

Homes with pools in Lake Havasu offer residents a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and a respite from the warm climate, making them highly sought after.

Yes, pool homes typically fetch a premium in the Lake Havasu real estate market due to their popularity and the added amenities they offer.

It’s advisable to engage with a local real estate agent familiar with the Lake Havasu market. They can provide access to the best listings and offer valuable insights.

As with all pools, regular maintenance is required to keep the water clean and the equipment functioning properly. However, many homes now feature eco-friendly and efficient systems that simplify upkeep.

Many pool homes in the area feature integrated outdoor spaces, like patios, barbecue areas, and even outdoor kitchens, enhancing the overall living experience.

Yes, depending on the property’s size and local regulations. It’s always best to consult with a local contractor or pool installation specialist to understand the feasibility and costs.

A chain of title details who previously owned the Lake Havasu, AZ land. We always provide the chain of title for the land, so you know the historical title transfers, even back to the original owner.

Pool Builders in Lake Havasu

Below are a few options for pool builders to help you create the perfect swimming area for your home. Many pool builders have a long wait list, so it’s best to reach out to them at least six months in advance (or as soon as possible). To avoid further delays, ensure you select a reputable pool builder with thorough research.
Desert Storm Custom Pools
Highly rated on Google, this custom pool company offers everything from landscaping around the pool to high-quality equipment and custom pool builds.
This company specializes in San Juan Pools, a top option for fiberglass pools. Aquatic Services of Mohave County Inc. is a locally run company that builds pools in the Lake Havasu area.
Sandcastle Pools helps you create a custom pool that matches your vision. You’ll collaborate to design the pool before it’s built on your property.

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